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Writing for Magazines: Top Tips by Freelance Writer


September 19, 2015

Writing for Magazines: Top Tips by Freelance Writer Linda Formichelli and Editor Laura Pepper Wu

Are you meticulous about your grammar? Do you know the mechanics of sentence structure? Are you looking for part-time online jobs without an investment? Then, you should consider becoming a freelance editor online. If you can take another person’s words and tweak them just slightly to make the intention clearer, then editing online can be a great opportunity for making some part-time income.

Hot Work-from-Home Niche
Freelance editing may just be the perfect online work-from-home niche for you since it’s growing rapidly. Think about it. Who couldn’t use you services online? Companies need website editors. Bloggers and content writers need editors. EBook authors and online marketers need editors. Anyone can see how easy it is to turn your editing skills into an online business, and you can get started without investing any money by answering job posts online. After you have regular clients, you can consider setting up your own website, online business, and paying for services related to an online business.

What You May Edit
You can edit materials like physical books, articles, EBooks, and other printed materials before they’re presented to the public. Many people are self-publishing more these days, so it may be that no other person will look for those mistakes before it hits the printing press. That means they really need an editor that’s going to put all the loving care and grammar checks into their edition. Similarly, website owners will expect their website editors to check for all grammar and spelling mistakes since they don’t plan on hearing complaints from their readers, so you’ll want to make sure your work is top notch.

Editing Help
If this sounds like you, you’ll need to have a few good books near your computer. Elements of Style by William Strunk and E.B. White is a classic but goody. This book will assist with style, grammar, and word usage. Also, you’ll want to keep a good dictionary and thesaurus on hand not only for spelling mistakes but the proper usage of certain words and phrases. There are several online, but it doesn’t hurt to have a physical book on hand to flip through quickly when you need fast help.

How Much to Charge
You can find freelance editing gigs on websites such as Odesk.com, Elance.com, and Guru.com, but you may get paid less money at first. Get your first few clients and then you can charge more once you have regular experience under your belt. Employers won’t think twice about hiring someone who produces quality work ahead of schedule, so consider applying to these early projects. Once you have more experience or your own business, you can definitely charge a larger fee either by the project or hour. If the work is extremely detailed, you may seriously consider charging an hourly rate.

Working online freelance editing jobs doesn’t have to require a lot of money. You’ll want to start with an online portfolio and work towards building your clientele. This is a perfect online opportunity for individuals who want to make extra money, work from home with flexible hours, and even consider creating a business opportunity out of helping struggling writers.

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