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Work at home Jobs for Felons and More!


August 9, 2016

Please, do not fall for any of the hundreds of Internet scams that promise you will make a million dollars a minute working at home. You cannot find legitimate work from home jobs by clicking on banner ads; instead, you will find clever variations on criminal themes – “multi-level marketing” is a polite term for Ponzi scheme.

Most people who work at home are managing businesses on the Internet, and many of them are making handsome incomes. But building a virtual business is no different from opening a brick-and-mortar enterprise – you must make it your own, you must drive it with your passion, and you must make it work as a result of your own hard work.

Really? Seriously?

If you are seriously considering working at home, you probably have considered all the imaginary advantages – you can manage your own time, there is no dress code, and you can take time for the carpools, little league, and all the family obligations. Consider your situation even more seriously. Look at the downside of every so-called advantage. First, managing your own time and the workload, you must take responsibility for your own motivation; can you keep yourself going for eight or ten hours a day with all the other routine domestic stuff you have to do?

Second, the business world will not change its rules or schedules simply because you have decided to work at home and accommodate the Playa del Rancho Rangers in your schedule. Can you really manage your time well enough to balance all the demands? Can you block-out all the distractions, minimize all the disruptions, and resist the temptation to pull weeds or lay-out by the pool? And about that dress code thing – although you can work in your pyjamas, your work still must meet everybody’s expectations and standards for “professionalism”; can you dress-up your work even if you do not dress-up yourself?

If you are serious about working at home, then take two bold steps that announce to your family and your own self that you mean business. First, create a home office space precisely to your own requirements; set it up exactly the way you want it, and keep it private. Second, make an ironclad plan for how you will manage your time and obligations, keeping them in perfect balance with the requirements of your new enterprise. Then, make a solemn promise to yourself that you will not violate or compromise your plan.

What do you plan to do when you work at home?

Legitimate work from home jobs typically originate in one of three general areas – your interests, talents, or long-suppressed desires. The most successful work from home jobs often develop from activities in which you already are involved or work you did before you retreated to home.

– turning a hobby to an enterprise. If you collect dolls, old toys, baseball cards, magazines – basically, if you collect anything other people regard as collectible – it naturally evolves into an online enterprise through dedicated use and mastery of the auction sites. E-Bay still rules the world of virtual auctions, but niche markets have evolved; look for and capitalize on them. Whatever virtual enterprise you launch, blog about it, and monetize the blog. The more you establish yourself as an authority, the more you will drive customers to your sales;

– putting your gifts to work. If you are an artist or writer, start bidding on or writing for some or all of the top ten freelancing sites. Although the banner ads grossly exaggerate your earnings when they claim you can make $10,000 every month or win a Pulitzer Prize for hard-hitting pieces on acai berries, the facts remain – a lot of people are making very good livings by finding and impressing clients on the freelance sites;

– teaching. Cash-in on the bonanza in online education. Online colleges and universities are growing faster than any other segment of the economy except healthcare, and they need skilled, Internet savvy instructors, especially to teach advanced classes in specialized disciplines. If you always wanted a classroom of your own, claim your space in the virtual university of your choice.

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Work at home jobs for felons
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