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Posting about your workout on Facebook is a sign of narcissism

Peter Morgan

August 14, 2016

Posting about your exercise regimen on Facebook might imply you’re a narcissist, a brand-new research study states.
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If you publish about your CrossFit or yoga regimen on Facebook, you’re most likely a narcissist with an ingrained requirement for externally recognition, a brand-new research study states.

A study from scientists at Brunel University London found by Business Insider discovered that the subjects Facebook users decide to publish about are affected by their personality type.

People who are inclined to narcissism more often publish about their accomplishments which includes accomplishments at the health club.

” Narcissists likewise composed more status updates about their diet plan and workout regimen, recommending that they utilize Facebook to relay the effort they put into their physical look,” the scientists composed.

Those type of posts likewise have the tendency to get more likes, feeding the vicious circle of recognition.

On the other hand, individuals with low self-confidence are most likely to publish about their sweethearts or sweethearts.

The information originated from 555 Facebook users who finished online studies about their characteristic.

So next time you see, or post, a CrossFit upgrade, keep in mind the personality type behind it.


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