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Mexico’s Fox trolls Trump: ‘Are you a legitimate president?’

Peter Morgan

January 7, 2017

Fox trolls Trump

Washington (CNN)Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is back to trolling Donald Trump on Twitter, especially as the United States President-elect has actually waffled on his promise to have Mexico spend for a border wall and in the middle of concerns about Russian disturbance in the election.

” Sr Trump, the intelligence report is ravaging. Losing election by more than 3M votes and in addition this.Are you a genuine president?” Fox tweeted Friday night.
Fox’s jab at Trump follows the United States intelligence neighborhood concluded in a declassified report launched that Russian President Vladimir Putin purchased an “impact project” focused on harming Hillary Clinton and assisting Trump.
In addition to that, Trump lost the popular vote to Clinton by 2.9 million votes– not more than 3 million votes, as Fox stated in his tweet– which has actually been something of a sensitive topic for Trump, who has actually mentioned his Electoral College cause highlight his win.
Fox likewise knocked Trump after he stated that he is preparing to have Mexico repay United States taxpayers for his project guarantee to develop a border wall in between the United States and Mexico.
Fox tweeted, “TRUMP, when will you comprehend that I am not spending for that f —— wall. Be clear with United States tax payers. They will spend for it.”
And on Thursday, Fox tweeted, “Trump might ask whoever he desires, however still neither myself nor Mexico are going to spend for his racist monolith. Another pledge he cannot keep.”
Trump is still firmly insisting that Mexico will eventually pay billions for the building of an enormous wall along the southern border.
Fox was not the only previous Mexican president tweeting at Trump on Friday.
Felipe Calderon tweeted, “To @realDonaldTrump: The more tasks you damage in Mxico, the more immigrants the American individuals will have. Believe a little!”
Trump’s shift group did not instantly react to CNN for a demand to discuss the tweets.
Fox was among Trump’s harshest critics throughout the 2016 election. Throughout Trump’s project, he called him a “incorrect prophet” and stated the then-Republican candidate declared the return “to the age of the unsightly American” throughout an interview in May.
And most notoriously, Fox cursed on live tv in February while speaking about Trump and his suggested border wall, informing Fox Business, “I’m not going to spend for that f– ing wall.”
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