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Work from home jobs no registration fees required only computer

Peter Morgan

May 5, 2016

Like many people I was recently laid off from my job selling computers, it wasn’t that I was a bad salesman in fact I was a top performer, but like many people are facing today the recession finally hit home. For a while it seemed that the computer industry wasn’t going to be affected by the recession, but as soon as people noticed that they had less and less disposable money, selling expensive digital cameras and netbooks that no one wanted use because they were immensely underpowered but cool seemed to be more of a reality. I began collecting unemployment at home, however after three months and my unemployment running low and no job offers in sight I needed a new option, I needed to find computer jobs at home.

A computer job at home would be the best option for me, since I was sending out literally hundreds of resumes out a week I wanted to be home to respond to any offers. If I took a quick part time job, I doubt I would have been able to answer my iPhone while on the job since the only part time jobs available to me would have been that of a fast food server. In fact because of unemployment I cancelled my iPhone service because it was just too expensive and I was waiting by my home phone for job offers instead, so I was kind of stuck at home. Waiting for these job offers proved ineffective after a while so I began researching using Google to see if computer jobs at home was a possibility. Searching for a work at home computer opportunity proved to be an adventure and almost a full time job itself, except it wasn’t paying the bills. I was lead to one link after, these webpages gave me no answers and the links often lead to nowhere, in short I was becoming greatly frustrated. After three days of deep Google search I found a vast database that was offering real leads.

Finally finding a real website that offered the information I was seeking was enourmous. This website had multiple leads to freelancing agencys or jobs that included
• Data Entry
• Office Work
• Web Design
• Data Processing
• Proof Reading

And more, these are only a few of the leads off the top of my head and my preference. After a day of getting aquainted with the system I was already on my way to my first freelance job doing simple data entry and telemarketing at night, since I was a proven salesman these skills were put to good use. By the end of the month I was able to reactivate my beloved iPhone and work at the café I was contemplating working at, only I was a customer instead of a server a bit different than computer jobs at home, but the local café has become my second home!

I can’t tell you how much of a relief it finally is to be back on my feet, I still haven’t had any return offers from the hundreds of resumes I sent out over the course of three months, I am however doing well thanks to research computer jobs at home [www.ComputerWorkFromHome.info]. If you would to skip the hours and days of research I went through finding a good resource, you can find it all here at [www.ComputerWorkFromHome.info]

Article Source: EzineArticles.com/expert/Rabia_Accosi/946680

Work from home jobs no registration fees required only computer & internet knowledge required lo
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Work from home jobs no registration fees required only computer & internet knowledge required lo
Work from home jobs no registration fees required
Work from home jobs
Work from home jobs no fees
Work from home jobs computer & internet knowledge required
Work from home


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