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How To Make Money Online FAST!


March 17, 2016

Do you want to know how to make money online?

Articles that make a list of things that people like to read, or like to know about.

“Listicles” is an amalgam of “articles” and “lists” to get “listicles”, get it?


For example:

1. The top 10 vacations spots On Earth.

2. 3 things you should never do on a date

3. 10 foods that stop the aging process

4. The top ten selling toys of all time

5. 7 ways to make new friends in 30 days or less

6. 3 ways to drive her crazy

7. 5 neat ways to make money online

8. The 10 best actors of all time

9. 50 ways to generate traffic to your website

For each article that lists certain things you have to list those things that the headline talks about and then explain each of them in turn.

That is the essence of a “listicle”.

People love to read about lists.

Anything about a list.

“The Top Ten” format is always a good way to start an article. It could be the top ten anything. You can write about the top ten this, or the top ten that, or the top ten whatever.

You can write about the “7 best ways” to start an online business from home and then develop those seven different ways to make that money online from home.

You can write about the ten best recipes that your grandmother left you and how you enjoy cooking them. Each one would have to be summarized in short yet comprehensible form in the body of the article so that the reader’s attention can be attained and kept.

What you write about is irrelevant.

But if you write articles about lists, about anything that can be put on a list like the above you can command attention from your readers because we all love lists.

There is something curious about an article that has any number in its subject that talks about the top ten of this or the seven best of that or the three things you should never do in such and such a case.

We want to read articles like that.


We have gotten to love them as we see more of them.

Use this strategy when you next write an article for your business.

You don’t use articles in your marketing efforts you say? Well you should. Listicles are now on the fast track to becoming a popular method to drive traffic to any website. Any online business can profit from listicles. If you do not use them you are depriving your website of the lifeblood of what it needs to make you money. You are in fact at a disadvantage.

Listicles are being used by the most successful online marketers to drive traffic as well as by affiliate marketers who rely on new traffic to generate and grow their commission checks.

Daniel Sanders is an online marketer who promotes affiliate programs in the how to make money online niche. For more free information on how you can make money online and to download a free resource to help, go to: 90minuteaffiliate.com

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