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HEBREWS IT – TALIBANNED – The MAGIC BateBall! (GMOD: The BEST Business Ideas)


September 19, 2015

The Dot Com bust of the 90s is far behind us and the world of eCommerce has matured into a multibillion dollar per year industry. There are giant corporations out there like Amazon, but there are also smaller retailers bringing in outstanding profits. The sheer possibilities make starting your own eCommerce company one of the best start up business ideas. How do you go about creating your own online store?

Find a Niche – The first thing you need to do is figure out what niche you want to enter. You can buy and sell almost anything imaginable online. You won’t be able to become the next big eCommerce business right off the bat, though, and you’ll need to find a niche with a lot of demand and a lot of potential profit. The health and wellness niche is one hot area, but there are plenty of others, too. Find one with a lot of demand, yet that interests you as well.

Make Yourself Stand Out – The days when you could open an eCommerce store online and face no competition are long gone. You’ll need to find a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. In many ways, that’s one of the easiest things to do, particularly if you’re able to give your company a personal face and tap into growing trends. For example, if you opened an online health and wellness company, you could stand out by offering only all-natural supplements and extracts that appeal to consumers’ growing unease with big brands and chemical formulations.

Find a Supplier – Most eCommerce companies don’t make the products they sell. They’re an online shop, not a manufacturer. That’s the simplest route for you to take as well. A very wide range of companies out there will supply you with products, or even allow you to become an affiliate (affiliates benefit because they never have to keep inventory on hand). On the other hand, if you’re crafty and have the skills to make your own product, you can kill two birds with one stone by offering your own unique creations for sale.

Build a Website – You’ll need a website, and you’ll need a robust shopping cart feature with encryption technology. Websites are affordable these days, but you’ll still want a professional to help you get it up and running, to add all your products to the online catalog and make sure everything’s working smoothly before you start accepting customers.

eCommerce is hot – it can be a great option for budding entrepreneurs.

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Well Internet, once again a Garry’s Mod Session took an interesting Turn of Events. Instead of killing those we can not trust, we decided to kill those who came up with FANTASTIC Business Ideas. Lets just say…we got lucky with ideas…

As always my personal favorite this session has to be Talibanned. Although Its not my idea, the idea is too fantastic to ignore…plus they go out with a bang.

As for my Least Favorite Idea…well…there was no bad ideas. So my second favorite would have to be Hebrews it. The Kosher Coffee that is meant to kick you into high gear in the morning. Holy Shaloomey, that coffee’s got kick!

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