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Great Jobs You Can Do From Home


August 26, 2016

Writing at home has the potential to become a nice side-earner or even a full-time job, dependent on your hopes and wishes. Freelance writing or copywriting jobs are widely available, with the internet opening up a great number of opportunities for anyone with a love for writing. It might seem a little intimidating at first to offer this type of service, but as your start to acquire clients and do more jobs; you will soon start to feel more comfortable offering this service.

Lets look at some of the fundamentals to getting started with providing a writing service –

Teach Yourself the Basics – if you are just starting out with writing for money, it might benefit to research this topic online to get a full appreciation of what might be required from you. It is also beneficial to purchase a book or take a class that teaches all about writing successful articles. A great technique is to read several different magazines and the attempt to imitate the style, tone and layout of those articles.

Know your Expertise – jot down a list of all the topics you have knowledge on or would feel comfortable writing about. If you have a degree or prior working experience in a particular profession, it might be worthwhile attempting to write for clients based on those topics.

Write for the Web – writing content for a website is probably the easiest route to take if wishing to make money writing. If might benefit to start out writing short articles, product descriptions or similar information for online sites until you have gained some work experience.

Write an eBook – if you prefer to take on a longer writing assignment it might be worthwhile to look at writing an eBook. If you are knowledgeable on a particular subject or able to conduct online or book-based research, this type of work might pay better than just restricting yourself to writing short articles.

Use Outsourcing Sites – search the ever-growing list of outsourcing sites, such as ODesk, Elance, Freelancer, etc. which are constantly updated with writing-based job opportunities which you can apply to work on. Applying for these types of jobs is often a simple and straightforward process and provided you can show you’re capable of writing high-quality content then it isn’t that difficult to pick up a job to work on.

Write for Offline Publications – if you are a skilled writer then you might wish to attempt to research the possibility of writing for print magazines or similar publications. This type of work might be more difficult to come by, but could be more rewarding to see your work published in a real magazine.

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Working from home can offer good pay, a flexible schedule and a casual dress code.

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